FT Effect Lab

Hi everyone.
I’m started making new effect asset.

FT MagicPack 02

This asset include 19 magic and impact effects.
I’d submit this asset to a Epic marketplace team next week.

[My plan]
FT Magic and Impact Pack 01 [now creating…]
FT Magic and Impact Pack 02 [next]
FT Cartoon Effect Pack
FT Explosion Pack
FT Magic Circle Pack
And more…

Hi everyone.
My asset added UE4 Marketplace Submissions Public Voting Trello Board.
FT MagicPack02
Please Vote!

And I’m started creating new asset
FT Magic Circle Pack01

And another one
Movie is here!

Those magic circles look amazing! Awesome work.

My plan is include variety of 30 magic effect in FT magic circle pack01.

FT MagicCirclePack01 WIP

Now creating another magic circle FX.

Footage is here.

We need a SciFi particle projectile pack…

We consider it positively.

FT Magic Circle Pack01 released!:smiley:

why not project file!! file not found!! FTmagicPack022.uproject T_T

file not found!! file not found!! file not found!!