FScopedSlowTask - Is this working or am I doing something wrong?


I am in need of a progress bar for my construction script when loading and doing calculations on imported data.

Currently I find the hang workable but it’s something that could essentially be variable in time to calculate so a progress bar is the way to go.

Now there are two ways. A depreciated version that is currently “still in heavy use” and the new version that the source advises to use. FScopedSlowTask.

At the top of the function in question I have this code :

FScopedSlowTask Progress(1.f, LoadingProgressText, true);
Progress.MakeDialog(false, true);

The hang still occurs and there is no dialog. I presume I am doing something wrong here even though the comments seem simple enough.

 * A scope block representing an amount of work divided up into sections.
 * Use one scope at the top of each function to give accurate feedback to the user of a slow operation's progress.
 * Example Usage:
 *	void DoSlowWork()
 *	{
 *		FScopedSlowTask Progress(2.f, LOCTEXT("DoingSlowWork", "Doing Slow Work..."));
 *		// Optionally make this show a dialog if not already shown
 *		Progress.MakeDialog();
 *		// Indicate that we are entering a frame representing 1 unit of work
 *		Progress.EnterProgressFrame(1.f);
 *		// DoFirstThing() can follow a similar pattern of creating a scope divided into frames. These contribute to their parent's progress frame proportionately.
 *		DoFirstThing();
 *		Progress.EnterProgressFrame(1.f);
 *		DoSecondThing();
 *	}

Any suggestions?