Frustrated with constant login, two factor authentication, and lack of support for password manage or biometrics

Note: Tags seem to be really messed up for me. Hard to explain how messed up it was, only had two options (VR and animation) and wouldn’t allow posting without version tag (not in list), so just went through the alphabet and when I hit ‘r’ then FeatureRequest showed up along with others. So posting this while I can (Feature Request + Authentication) would be more appropriate.

I haven’t been able to find this discussed anywhere, so there may be some way of reconfiguring things to make life more sane, so apologies in advance.

I’ve been constantly getting more and more frustrated with having to login to Unreal constantly. It may seem trivial, but it’s literally caused me to walk away from projects numerous times. Particularly if I’ve misplaced my phone (due to two-factor authentication).

List of complaints:

  1. Logging in, even through browser, isn’t tagged to allow use of password managers. I constantly have to copy and paste these manually. (Virtually every piece of software I use now supports password manager login or mitigates this in other ways)

  2. I have to log in separately for Unreal Engine, for the Web Store, for Quixel Bridge, and other products that use Epic Login.

  3. I have to login virtually every time I open the software. Most software I use will remain authenticated for days, weeks, or months, as long as I haven’t had to reboot or am originating from same IP address, or have active authentication token still persisted via browser.

  4. I have to provide two-factor authentication virtually every time I login and to each service/application. This is particularly frustrating as I don’t like being leashed to my phone and I constantly move around while working. (Most of my MFA based applications only ask for new tokens after an extended time frame or significant change, similar to #3)

  5. I’m routinely confronted with Captcha checks, even though I’ve used a password AND two-factor authentication. (this is just inexcusable and I wish Captcha would die a sudden terrible death)

  6. I’m routinely on computers with biometric or physical security controls (i.e. MacBook Pro, iMac + Proximity Device Unlock). This normally authenticates me with most of my software and usually bypasses other MFA/token requirements, but again Unreal doesn’t support this functionality on Mac or Windows.

I’m hoping there’s a solution out there or this is going to be fixed. I know it seems trivial, but it’s a real source of friction and annoyance.

Thanks for listening.

Very short term solution, but you can disable two-factor authentication. This of course comes with the caveat of your login being less secure, but it may be a way to make things a little easier in the meantime. Enable/disable at your own discretion.

I think the password manager and biometric points are very good. I’ll make note of that and pass that along to the devs.


Awesome, thank you for listening, the recommendation, and taking up the feedback. Much appreciated!