Frustrated - Can't access variable-specific events

so my problem is that usually when I left-click a variable in my blueprint menu and then right-click on my event graph, I don’t get the option to add events etc related to that variable, as shown in figure 1. Instead I end with the figure 2. I’ve restarted UE4 etc. and still no luck figuring out! I expect I’ve just missed something silly.

figure 1

Figure 2

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Cpt. Facepalm

Go into the designer, click on the button and on the right side with the rest of the options you will see add on clicked.

It sounds to me like you are making a widget, and if that is the case DarkHorror’s advice is correct.

For more information check out

As an aside, I would like to add, if you think something should be in the editor and it isn’t, try unchecking Context Sensitive.

The other thing if you don’t see an event, you can always get the actor then drag from the actor pin, and add assign Click or what ever event you want to assign.

In this case Context Sensitive would be need to be on in order to access that event, but as a general rule it is definitely a good idea to try turning it off/on. :slight_smile:

@CaptainFacepalm: Which version of the editor are you using?

Yeah, this used to work in 4.5, but doesn’t anymore in 4.6 apparently

Yeah I had a feeling that would be the reason, but he mentioned reloading UE4 and getting the results in image #2. Not sure how that happened…

This may be somewhat related to variables needing to be “public” in 4.6 in order to access them in another blueprint graph, which has been changed in 4.7 back to the way it was in 4.5. It shouldn’t affect events, but I haven’t tested that. Do you have a copy of that project in 4.7 to confirm that? If not no worries I can try it out on my end.

EDIT: Also @CaptainFacepalm can you click on “Add Event” shown in image #2 and confirm there is no event for that button under that heading?

I just tried the same project now in 4.7 R4; and it’s the same as in 4.6. Not in any of the categories either