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I wanted to share a project I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks and basically open up a devblog. The name is currently a working title, as I just thought of that now. It is a top-down survival game, which I have a ton of ideas for, however for now I have been making significant progress on the base mechanics of the game.

The game will eventually have a much larger map than the current one in the image above. I want to build a dungeon (or dungeons) into the map, which generate procedurally each time you enter, you can then get things from this dungeon which you can use to upgrade your town, or rescue people from the dungeon who will join your town and run shops etc. This is all further down the line however as I want to get all of the above world stuff working first.

For now I have working:

Main Character with a placeholder skeletal mesh
Inventory and Containers system
Building Crafting
AI enemies
Basic combat

I should also mention I am working by myself on this and not using any marketplace content, everything is built from scratch. There are bugs, which you will be able to see in the video. It is also 100% blueprints. I am opening this thread to keep track of my progress. The video below is the first couple of days progress video. However once i submit this post I will add a reply with the current progress and associated devblog.