Frontend is missing launcher window/tab


I’m having a problem with packaging multiple levels to a game using “open level” node on level BP between them. My level ends with matinee cutscene and is supposed to load another level after matinee has finished. No matter how i set it up packaged game loads the default level.

Level loading works fine in editor.

So i read other threads on the same issue but couldn’t solve the problem. Then I read that packaging by default only contains default level so i opened Frontend to adjust the properties to add other levels.

When i open frontend there is only
automation, session browser, console, screen comparision and profiler tabs but no laucher as in [here][1]

[1]: Using the Unreal Frontend Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation’ .

I wonder is it just an older documentation than my engine version or am i missing something completely?

Any help with the original problem or with missing launcher would be appreciated.


Found the launcher following this tutorial. (Standalone Frontend only)
Still unable to open 2nd level after the 1st.

Tried different build-configurations and test-configuration worked. Levels are loading.

Howdy Dave,

I just wanted to check in with you and see if this issue has been resolved. Please be sure to let me know so that I may close this issue.

Thanks and have a great day!

Same problem here, I cannot see the Launcher panel when I open the Session frontend in 4.7.
Is this normal? Is it situated elsewhere?

Howdy Tharmine,

Sorry about the lack of a response. I am going to need a bit more information from you before I begin to investigate this issue. what build of 4.7 would you be using when you are seeing this error, and is that build a source or Binary build of UE4?

Would you be able to provide screenshots so that I may be able to see exactly what is occurring? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hey tharmine,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if this issue was still occurring for you. Please be sure to let me know so that I may be able to further investigate this issue if need be.