Front Line Zero - Cyberspace rhythm-shooter

[FONT=courier new]**Hi! Front Line ** [FONT=courier new]**Zero is a 3D bullet-hell shooter and rhythm game set in cyberspace. To survive the player must synchronise their attacks to the games powerful electronic soundtrack and destroy the Intrusion Defence AI. **


**ϟ Visual style inspired by glitch art, fractals, brutalism and retro-futures.
ϟ Unique combat system - 3rd person bullet-hell + rhythm game elements.
ϟ Challenging AI (evades and retreats intelligently) with a dynamic formation system.
ϟ Story mode - join a group of hackers drawn into a far-reaching conspiracy.
ϟ Trip mode - generates procedural levels set to the players own music.
ϟ Awesome soundtrack by POLYOP / KLARHK and more TBA.

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