From widget BP to Level BP with a BP interface

Hello Mates,

I am trying to make a directional light (the sun) move to position when the player click on an icon in a menu.

I created a BP interface with a morning function and from my Widget BP I would like to call the function morning to transmit it to a Level BP which will set the new rotation of the directional light but…
The event message node need a target input and if a create a variable actor type I cannot select the level as default value…
So how to select the level in the variable or transmit the info to the level BP?
If you can point out a solution, that will be nice :slight_smile:

You can’t talk to the level BP with interfaces, you need to use an event dispatcher:

Thank you for pointing this out
Then I follow several tutorials about event dispatchers including the one you mentioned.

There is also this short tutorial here