From where can I download last and stable UDK (Unreal Engine 3)?

Hello, I am studying C++ now in computer academy, and want to learn Enreal Engine C++ programming. My hardware is quite low for UE4 - I have laptop with only 4GB Ram, so my only possible choice is UDK… If anyone here uses UDK, please give me a link for stable (and hopefully final, last) full version of UDK Enreal Engine 3 (maybe with all kinds of additional content for UDK\Unreal Engine3).

p.s. thank you in advance

Final version of UDK, february 2015.


C++ is only available with the sourecode, so you can purchase it from Epic.

@O_and_N C++ is only available with the sourecode, so you can purchase it from Epic.

Tim when do I get free UDK source code ? : D

Thank you for good information. ^^

I’m not sure what do you mean by the words above… says it is “Final latest version of the UDK by Epic, the February 2015 release. Unreal Development Kit is the free edition of Unreal Engine 3…” anything wrong here? is UDK not using c++?

As far as I can guess from your unclear (to me) words, you mean there is more complete version of UDK, and that’s not free, but also includes source-code. But I don’t need source code of UDK (be that free or not). I just need final free version of Unreal Engine, of any version, which can run more or less fine on my laptop with 4GB ram (it can’t be upgraded). so UDK (v3) seems to be ok for my hardware at present. Sooner or later I’ll upgrade, sure…

GGBotnet, thank you :wink: (in Russian we’ld says for thank you “spasibo”, which originates from words “spasi Bo(h)”, which means “save (you), God”, or more precisely, “let God save you”. don’t know if “thank you” may mean something like that in English)

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UDK was a free distribution of UE3, plus some useful middleware and minus the C++ source code. (UDK will not help you practice C++. Gameplay scripts are programmed in UnrealScript. Further functionality is available if you can make a dll, then UDK can interact with it.) It is no longer available from Epic Games, although there is a post around here that lists some links where you can still download it. I think you can still download UDK from Steam. Open your Steam client. Go to Library. In the filter (which is probably set to Games), select Tools. You should see Unreal Development Kit listed.

It might still be possible to license UE3 with full C++ source code. I recommend that you not try this. The license for UE3 will cost you as much as a laptop that can run UE4.

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its kinda crappy all the ue3 stuff is vaporware to epic games now. they kinda gave everyone the cold shoulder and to put things into perspective really unreal engine 4.2xxx and above do not support sli so it does not scale correctly. when i use udk it scales across all cores plus taxes all the gpu’s i put in there plus running physx on it is BEAST.

yea it just asks you to download it from a link that no longer works…
So uh great.

In my opinion, you should remove the links before Epic see them as they might nuke them from existence . They just removed the archived udk forums and dont answer any petition/email to give them back , imagine what they will do with this project .

You’re right, best to play it safe and not take any risks

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If you haven’t already, feel free to join the users UDK discord (30 or so user there but steady growing ). Other engines info too . Epic definitely decided to act selfish here in my opinion. People begged them for months to give back the archived forums so that we can turn them in to a desktop offline app but no…No answer, nothing . Seriously unprofessional behavior having in mind that the info in those forums was user created and does now belong to Epic and they will probably erase it. I even offered the option to see if I can purchase them but 0 response . Feels like talking to someone from unity …

@O_and_N Which UDK discord server. Can you post an invite link please?

Edit: Found the one you were referring to i think: The UDK Veterans Discord Server

Thats the one !