From UNREAL to Maya : Materials.

First post here, I’m working on an animation shot using Infinity Blade maps as a background.
I did export the meshes as fbx, and open it in Maya in order to place my character and animate it, before getting back to UNREAL once finished, to produce cool final images.
Fact is I need those meshes to have their materials in maya, in order to have nice previews.
The materials are assigned to the meshes, but the textures files aren’t, and they have quite messy names.
it would be very tedious task to re-link them one at a time !
So i wanted to know if there’s a way for exporting those meshes as fbx, keeping the textures attached correctly…
Thanks a lot for your help, cheers from France !

Hi All

Welcome Chez_Flop

I’m new too, so this my be a shoot in the dark

I thing you will need to put your materials in you Maya soureimages folder yourself and then assign them yourself.

hope this helps (Works)

Outch :frowning:
Thanks anyway !