From Unity to Unreal

I’m currently developing a game in Unity, but I’m now considering porting my game to Unreal.

After so many issues with Unity I’m seriously fed up with it. I’ve been coding for eons and I’ve never had to use a tool/engine that is so bloated, prone to project corruption, and countless other headaches… At this point, I honestly feel like Unity is the monster of Frankenstein and my game is its bride.

Of course, I can only assume that Unreal has its own set of issues, but has anyone here switched from Unity to Unreal and not ever looked back?

So far, I’ve started out setting up my game’s data requirements and I was pleasantly surprised that data tables are built in!

I’ll probably start by creating a small project for each of my game’s core / sub systems that I need to implement for learning purposes. At that point, I’ll figure out how to put them all together. The learning curve seems rather steep… but it’s probably worth it.

Hi 00Kev.

Glad you’re checking out Unreal. I just want to share this Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers documentation with you to help.