From Unity to Unreal Engine, free project and series of lessons

OK, this been in progress for a long time now. And I wanted to put it in the best possible way ever :slight_smile:

This is a series of videos about re-creating the Unity popular Tanks game within Unreal Engine, so this series could be described as:

  • A how to move from Unity to Unreal Engine
  • An in depth look to Unity users who would like to learn about Unreal
  • Full source code of a Unity game remake within Unreal
  • Full free project with the minimal requirements of a game
  • Introduction to Unreal Engine
  • Videos with some lots of tips an tricks for unreal
  • Reference of how to handle a project from A to Z
  • Good reference for game jams lovers, as the whole thing could be made in less than 2 days
  • A guide about how to do things faster within Unreal

The series is all about 36 video, all are free on Youtube, go ahead and watch them:

And if you would like to get the final project and figure out things by digging, then you can get it from here:!z8J1AAwJ!WOMDc0AATf_0kgJDMUYLZ2L8w0T9VpWbVniXPthpwJM

Keep in mind, Unreal 4.14 was used for it, and I’ll try to keep it up to date.

Note: some videos still uploading, and due to the connection speed and Youtube blocking, it will be completed by the end of today.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

nice dude i love it.

I suppose you got IPs sorted out before committing to this endeavor :slight_smile:

AssetStore assets are free to be used anywhere, and for anything (Education purposes for the Unity projects based assets is well recommended).

It’s the license. So, I used them to learn and teach people something unique :wink:

it’s just a step on that road


There is updated version of the project source for Unreal 4.15 latest preview.


This is really nice :slight_smile:

What’s Unity? An older version of Panda3D? Maybe a cousin of Cube 2: Sauerbraten? I kid, I kid. This should make the eventual move for all Unity users that much smoother. Keep it up!

then share :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: