From Unity to UE4 Camera/Character Move ?

Hi, I’ve been using Unity for a long time now and come to UE4 because I loved what I’ve seen, the Blueprint System, the visual the everything :).
I’ve been coding in C# in Unity and I’ve been trying to figure out UE4, but for now I can’t quite get it.

In Unity I have a Camera that’s an object. I have scripts for that camera, for example move the camera forward. I can save that camera as a prefab and use it in all the levels.
In UE4 I just don’t get how to do that, what kind of BP I should make the camera ? And how can I move it forward ?

I’ve watched the the Blueprints tutorials and I get it that the Blueprint Class is something like a prefab but I couldn’t figure out how to tell the camera to move forward.( in Blueprints )

In Unity I have the player and he’s clamped to the camera view, he can’t get out if I get near the borders of the camera view the camera centers on the player .
In UE4 I’m just staring at the blueprint screen and think how do I do this ? Should I make an Actor BP, a PlayerControler BP, a Character BP ?

Should I make a Character BP and put the camera like in the tutorial on a spring and have a blueprint with the camera and the character ? But in that tutorial the camera wasn’t independent of the character ?

In Unity you have the Camera and the Player independent of each-other then you can’t script them to interact, from what I’ve seen until now in UE4 in a blueprint you can have the camera, the character, everything, I’m a bit confused . :slight_smile:

Can anyone explain to me a correlation from Unity to UE4 so I can make the transition smoothly ? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

actually you can script camera and player to interact in unity, ie. camera shake when player charges, speed increase/decrease and camera flung back and forth trying to catch up.

In UE4 it’s a bit different, usually player(or I should say PlayerController) will try to get a ViewTarget in a level, usually from your Pawn(Character).
If you check most template projects, the main Pawn will have a camera attach to it, either freely movable, or fixed in certain viewing direction(side scroll).
They can all be scripted, so in the mean time, enjoy your time learning it, check the sticky thread’s tutorial and get started.

So to understand, and from the 3rd person blueprint tutorial, he’s creating a character blueprint with the camera attached to the pawn . The thing is that in Unity I have a camera that takes the player link when the player object is spawned in the level.
Here in UE4 that blueprint with the camera inside I’m translating like a prefab character with a child camera inside .

correct, and springs arm can already do a lot of different things for you.

Here’s a simple example of the camera zooming out when my player jumps. This is set up in the player character and the timeline is updating the SpringArm component set up in the 3rd person character BP.


Edit The timeline is set to go from 0 to 1 over 1 second, btw.

But if I want to move the camera only and move it with a fixed speed on a single axis ( example x axis ) and when I spawn the character in the level the camera should clamp the character to it’s view but if the character should go to the border of the camera the camera should focus the player ? How would I do that ?
Should I keep the camera and the character in the same blueprint, the camera parented to the spring arm ? Or should I put the camera in a separate blueprint and the character in a separate one ?
What kind of blueprint should I make the camera then ? ( an actor, an pawn, ) ?
What kind of blueprint should I make the character ?

Those kind of questions I haven’t figure out yet .

Thank you

Thank you. Your example is very good. it gave me a new direction

The camera can be any blueprint but better option is inherit from camera class. I think that you can bin the camera in the gameinfo options.
If the player is a biped use character class. if not to use a pawn.

Got it, thank you ! :slight_smile:

umm, if you dont find the option in gameinfo check in player controler. I cannot check in now, no unreal in my work :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check the Framework Class Relationships in the end to this page:

If controller dont find a bin camera in player controller check in the player blueprint.