From ThirdPerson Character to Spectator Mode

Hey guys,

1.I dont know how I get from ThirdPerson Character to Spectator Mode. I think this would work like this: Make a new Character. And when ThirdPerson Character dies you spawn the new character at the location of your ThirdPerson Character died. Unposses the old char and posses the new. I wanted to ask whether there is another way of doing it.

2.By the way:
Do you know the node “Draw Debug Text”? I want something similar just for an widget. What I want: I want that when a player dies that a widget should spawn at the location, which can be seen through walls. So player see where someone died. With which nodes can I achieve this?

It should be as simple as possessing a new character or pawn, although if it’s not destroyed, you may want to destroy it. Otherwise the old character/pawn may just stay where you left it.
Do you want to show your code on how you are attempting to do this possession part?

I don’t quite understand #2, but have you tried print string?

#1.First I do it theoretically. I ask myself what I want to achieve and how I want to achieve it. I just wanted to know whether this way is acceptabel. I start in few hours to code it :).

#2 In some games when you die a skull appears at the location you died. This skull can be seen through walls. I want achieve the same. I want that a widget in the world is seen through walls but I dont know how


#2. Ok so what you want isn’t really a widget yea? It’s an actor I guess.

Thanks. I give it a shot