From programming to setup - fewer nodes

If blueprint shall have the power beyond just a messy way to show programming, it needs first of all a visual upgrade, but also another approach.

All these small nodes that we collect in groups, this grey box you but around them to give the overview of what goes with what. In most situation we do the same, controls, character movements etc., and we do some little adjustment here and there.

These whole groups could be the “nodes”, just having some adjustment options inside. Then we can say that Blueprints actually gives something, still with some flexibility.

Users needs something very special can then add a subnode or do pure C++.

You know, there’s inheritance. Also, if you make your code reusable you can save a lot of time depending on your needs. I’m doing a generic input mode system right now and I simply made one base class with most of the functionality and anything specific went into its child classes. Easy peasy.

In case you simply need other variable values, UE4 offers a “light” version of BP editors where you only can adjust variable defaults etc.

Thx, I will look at it. The generic input mode, you are talking writing pure code first to be used as BP or how does it work? Or did you mean inheritance approach?

Where do I find this light BP thing? searching on light BP give lighting information, lol.

The base class of my input system is BP only as well as all the childs. Only the interface that is implemented by the base class is made in C++.