From Me For You in the Latest Engine Release

Dear Community,

I’ve put together a pic with most of my BP-related pull requests that Epic accepted that are now in the Engine as of 4.5!

I made these pull requests for your benefit, and wanted you to know about these new tools that are available to you!

*(download or right click -> open in new tab to easily zoom in!)*

**Random Point in Bounds** 

You can now easily obtain random points within the total bounds of an array of actors, or within the bounds of a single component!

For example, you can use this **to play random sparkle emitters** with the bounds of a group of level actors, or a single volume, or even just a single component!

**Line Trace Component Returns Bone Name now** 

You can now easily find out what bone was hit when you do a Line Trace Component!

**Color Interp To** 

You can now interpolate between two linear colors!

Please note the first input should be your current value that is carried over from tick to tick :)

**Vector - Rotator**

You can now drag from a rotator pin directly to a vector pin, and vice versa, and the correct conversion node is created for you!

**CoPlanarity Test** 

Please recall from 4.4 that my submitted CoPlanarity Test BP node was accepted and is available for your use! Any time you need to know if 4+ points are coplanar you can use this node! There is a tolerance value that you can control! **The tolerance is in World Space**

Improvements Made to Get Actors in Selection Box

In 4.5 you can now specify whether to only check against colliding components when checking if an actor is within your selection marquee / selection rectangle!





Very useful stuff, Rama. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Thank you Rama , you are the best , This forum would be not same without you :o

Thanks Rama, I’m definitely going to use some of these!

Wow nice, the line-trace return bone & get Get actor with colliding componet are pretty massive in term of possibilities & performance gain.

Now I want to make a dead space game, & start shooting off limbs.

Thanks Rama.

Corrected for you.

Nice work Rama, you are so helpful :slight_smile:

Sweet. Didn’t know the Epic accepted changes from the community. :slight_smile:

thanks Rama

they are going to have to call ue4 the Rama Engine soon :slight_smile:

Thats why this community rocks. We have a developers that are active in the forum & answer to some common questions regularly (I regularly get answers from Epic stuff, & the answers are very professional, & polite), & listen to feedback from people, & importantly, try to implement these feedbacks if they are reasonable & time permitted.

Then there are superstars like Ramas that produce the rest of us with free tutorials, helps, freebies & plugins. Then there are members that actively help members with questions, even at times spend time to make proper blueprint nodes, videos, or codes, & post it so you have clearer explaination, & these takes effort, & time off their work or social life.

Occasionally, there are some jokers/troll that came here to knock people down (not wanting to name names, but one in particluar have a user name of a famous game :p). I personally encountered one such, but thankfully, they are far & few between, & many probably get bored & proceed to troll other forums.

Are you a girl rama? if so, marry me ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the compliments everyone, hee hee!

hahha actually beard and long hair hee hee,

you can see me on camera at Epic HQ on the twitch stream for May 16th,2014:

At around 14:50

Saw you on Video, you are the Jesus of UE4! Haha.

Awesome name for Rama…

Great stuff as always…Thanks so much Rama/Jesus…

Hee hee!!!

Thanks for the compliments hee hee!

And congrats on your wonderful game Alice in Tokyo Wonderland!


oh and

I voted for you on Steam Greenlight


When (if) my game finally see release, your name will certainly have a spot on my credit list!

Great work as always Rama :slight_smile:

I will surely be making use of at least 5/6 of these nodes going forward :smiley:

Dude Rama your beard is EPIC!!! Thanks for the new nodes. Do you think with the random points in bounding box node I can make a spline’s end point inside of a bounding box?

Great to hear from you Benjamin!

Feel free to post a link to your progress video!


When the spline component’s parent actor Begin Play runs you can then use Get Reference to Self and add that to a local actor array variable, plug that into Get Actor Array Bounds and then use my Random Point in Bounds node!

so that’s

Begin Play-> Self->Add->Local Actor Array -> Get Actor Array Bounds -> Get Random Point in Bounds