From marvelous to unreal // alembic?

hi… i have a courtin ddesing in marvelous, animated with wind. I need to put this in ue4.26. I can understand the right way to do this. I have probe to export this like point cache 2 ( ia have 1 enteire week trying this) to max, to can chek if works and export from max to unreal, and this way conssit in a first part, where you export the obj, and then, put to work the modifaier in 3dmax, (point cache) But when do that, the x y z doesnt coincide. Apear in any part of the view port… and i have traied all and i am realy tired… So, i have seen tutorials, and otrher way is to export all directly to ue4, using alembic OWAGA… Ok. I did it. But when export, ( the export windows doesnt give to you any options more than fps, thin… and cm… First question. what is what is exporting? becouse here i have avatars that i am not interested in to export. … Is exporting the animation with the geometry ? only the geometry…only the animation…? when import this file that have a lot of wight (3 gigas) is a courtin with 15 seconds animated and 10 of particles) … i cant see nothing in unreal… Yes apear the gemetry in the content… but no where it shoud be… that is in the window… What i need to do ? Please, tks for help.