From Marvelous designer to UE4

I hope somebody can help me out in this :slight_smile: I have made some great looking and animated stuff in Marvelous designer. And offcourse the next step is to put it in UE4.
Now i spend almost a week trying all kinds of stuff, and somehow it wont work,… but each time allmost! That what usually keep us going trying, … but i am kind of out of options :slight_smile:
What i did till now:
Alembix export character/ avatar and clothes out of MD to ue4. Thats pretty good, both come very good animated in UE4. But all the materials are reduced to one, and the character is not even UV wrapped.
The export in fbx looks very promising. The character has all textures set up, about 11! and that looks so good,… but the clothing is not importing!
So to be short,… i have a animated character and animated clothing without textures,… or i have a naked, fully textured, character :slight_smile:

Anyone another,… better workflow? If so, you are worth your weight in gold;)

Hello wontonanimalchin
I don’t know Alembic but I use FBX on a regular base. It only contain the mesh, the texture, the skeleton and its animation (on the skeleton)
It’s perfectly normal that your clothing is not export in FBX but UE4 has his own pipeline for clothes.

You should export anything skeleton related in your FBX and, on top of that, add the clothing system.
If you work with a pre 4.16 version of UE, you should the APEX system from Nvidia to make your cloth system in UE4.
Since 4.16, UE4 has his own system inside.…loth/Overview/

This way, you’ll get your animation working inUE4 without the clothing and you add the clothing system after.

oh man, that sounds soo good. I will try this as soon as possible. so if i understand well, i have to export the animations of the character like i did now. So i have this skeleton. And i export the clothes as the same fbx, but in UE4.16 (which i use) i can use this clothing fbx with APEX system!? Thats the part i dont get fully in the link you mentionend.

You can apply the clothes system on a normal skeletal mesh, you don’t need to have 2 separate meshes :slight_smile:
You can use APEX for this but since you work in 4.16, you can make the cloth directly in UE4.

You can find a lot of documentation about this on google.

Allright that sounds good :slight_smile: Tomorrow i can really try it! I didnt realize we could make clothing with this tool. I will try that too. For now i hope i can use the clothing which i made in MarvelousD, because these look allready very good, and took a long time to make the characters. This week will be the character-week, thanks, i have New Hope :slight_smile: