from marketplace to content

guys please help i’m really new to UE4, the thing is i bought jungle package but can’t understand how to import into my content browser.
i’m just copy pasting folder into my project content browser but sometimes it doesn’t shows any files or it only shows meshes without material and textures.

here are some screenshots

  1. i’m copying this folder into my current project content
    2)but it shows nothing

and the second is that sometimes don’t know how :slight_smile: it shows meshes but without material or texture.

please maybe its really newbee question but i lost 3 hours trying to fix that

If you bought it via UE4 you can add it to your project via the launcher. Check your Library tab and navigate to your jungle environment product, click add to project and select which one.

thanks works! , but it is 4.11 version how to update?

Glad it worked out. =)

The marketplace content or your project? The marketplace content should be 4.12 compatible. You’ll want to check the compatibility notes on the product page to confirm.

probably wrong version of unreal engine