From Level to Level. Data transfer


I read a lot of topics which are almost duplicating each other regarding transfer a native type data from level to level and also about creating a nicely compound loading screens. BUT HELL, how you guys are passing the more complicated data rather than your very valuable scores and jump counts??

I mean, i got a team of fully rigged characters created using modular based technics which got fully constructed within the gaming process.

How I suppose to transfer that amount of data only using these Game Instances which are loose all info regarding referenced units (as far as the targets were disposed already).

I saw twice of a couple of times something regarding usage of “Seamless Levels” and transition maps but din’t find more rather than just how to enable this. But how can actually USE it, but NOT JUST ENABLE it?

Right now I’m personally trying to push data into some .csv files, organized by Ids and stuff which could be after be pushed into this Game Instance, but I really got feel that I’m just wasting my time for this stupid process which should be normally organized somehow years ago but I just don’t know how to use it normally because of lack of normal documentation regarding a such important aspect.

Its maybe not perfect answer, but you could give try to Rama Save System in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

so your trying to push data to a csv yes? its hard to see what your actually asking through all of your complaining. you also mentioned trying to work with a group of characters i assume your looking to save data about the characters between levels. to accomplish this i would use an array of type struct. by using a struct you can define multiple variables in one location obviously you know all this if your using data tables. but by putting the information into a array the array essentially becomes a data table. the array can be located in the game instance and be saved then all you need to do is load the information back out of the array at the beginning of the level.

on a separate note transition maps are just to speed up level travel and make it easier on lower end hardware. this is accomplished by loading in an empty level before loading in the next playable level. by doing this the data from the previous level can be dumped from ram before loading in the assets for the level being loaded. for example if level one needed 2GB of ram and level two needs 3GB then there would be a brief moment when a total of 5GB would be needed. this would be a problem for a user with 4GB of ram. by using a transition level, level one would be dumped from memory to load a level that takes say 50MB of ram then level two would begin loading.

Thank you ThompsonN13, your answer helped me to make a clear picture all out of this.

I was really struggling a lot all around this data transferring part and every search has been ended by a kind of a weak answers which were covering just a very basics of the simple data transferring. That is why I was starting to became angry at the end of that kind of search.

Your answer gave me a clear picture instead, thanks for that. From this point I’ll continue. Thanks again.

Thanks for the link. This could be the solution, good to know that there is kind of package exist. Hopefully I’ll be good enough without it, as far I just want to make the process as much clear as just possible. Maybe someone else will find this useful for their projects.

its all good i know how frustrating it can be when you cant solve an issue. theres a lot of things about game design and using ue4 that your left to figure out on your own and sadly the only way to learn it is through experience.

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