From FARO Laser Scan to UE4 Lanscape



We have a FARO S350 laser scan including a 45 MegaPx camera.

We aim to precisely digitize parts of stone quarry and walk around thanks to an UE4 landscape.

In order to study geological strata, we need rendering and texturing as best as possible.


The article « How to import any scan data to RealityCapture using CloudCompare and Faro Scene (How to create ordered point-cloud from unordered) » is very interesting but what about texture using the included camera ?


Thank you in advance





this camera is external or it is a part of the scanner? 

According my knowledge it is possible to import scans from Faro scanners into RC without problems. This workflow is from scanners, which are produce unordered point clouds.

What type of images is from this camera?