From editor object to spawnable object?

I’m getting lost understanding how to relate to editor things from code world.

Let’s just go with an extremely simple example. Start with a new Paper2D C++ project with example content. I expect I should be able to write code to manipulate “Ledge_12” of type “PaperSpriteActor” in some way. Let’s say I want to move it at runtime after 15 seconds.

None of this is really my objective, but I’m hoping if I get this far, I will start to see how everything fits together.

Trying to get up and running with UE4 in C++ feels very difficult, because the body of help resources out there is heavily weighted toward Blueprints, and I haven’t found any example code to study. If I can get all of my projects done without using any Blueprints, I’m fine with that.