From Desktop to Mobile


Is it possible to port your project from desktop to mobile?


Yes, you can do port from Desktop to Mobile, but you need do some optimisation of content, because mobile system has a many limitation.

I am currently working on a project that I know will need both high-end PC, Low-end PC and Android versions. Is it better to have separate projects for each or to have a single project and package each separately using different settings and including the appropriate content for each Package?

I am asking because I am for seeing benefits and drawbacks to both methods, but as i have not done this before, do not know which would be better. If I do seperate projects, most of the code base is going to be the same, so seems to meI will run into a lot of problems down the road debugging the same bugs for each project, whereas if it is all in the same project, I only have to debug once, having different input controls etc. for each platform (PC/Mobile/Mouse/Touch)?