From blueprint to XML, is it possible?

Hello everyone,

is there any possibility to export data/information from a blueprint operation to a XML/text file? Let’s say the user of my app has 3 different types of material to choose between. He choose one and “Set Material - Steel” activates and now comes the problem; I want to store the material choice and all the other choises in a manageable text file. The reason is that I wanna use the user input data in further iterations, for example in a CAD program.

Basically I want all the information from the happenings in the app to be logged or stored in XML file, but haven’t found any solution at all.

Thanks in advance!


Use the varest plugin to get the data out of unreal and save it. Then once it is out Of unreal convert the data to XML .

Another option depending on situation is to just use the save game node in blueprints this can save the data to a .sav file which you can then just open with notepad or any text editor and read the data

Thanks man! I tried both, the second option worked fine except that the data was kind of unreadable (GÇ(++depot+UE4-Releases+4.9SaveMaterialData_CNone). Maybe you have to convert the .sav file to be able to get usable data?

I installed the varest plugin and i’m able to work with the nodes in blueprint, not sure which nodes I actually need for the saving process though. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

How are you Savin the data can you post screen shots maybe I can help. As for varest I’m still trying to figure it out myself it’s an amazing plugin and everybody use it just there are no tutorials and even the wiki and documentation is really vague so I can’t help right now with that sorry


This is a really simple blueprint script, just to understand the process. I’m just setting a material to a cube and saving a file to hard drive. The goal is that this data file would show useful information from the actions in blueprint, for example “Material_type = M_Door”, but now it’s just a mess.

One possible way could be just to send a string or an integer into the .sav file, like “if material_type = steel → send integer 1, if material_type = alu → send integer 2” and then I can use the integer values for the further iterations, but so far I haven’t found any solution to that…

Maybe you can checkout this plugin. Covered many xml related operations as blueprint nodes.