From Blender to UE4, new to game dev.

Hello, I’m 100% new to UE4-21 and game developing in general… I’ve been learning 3d using blender 3 making an asset for my game, now that I feel is finished I wanted to give it a try in the engine.

This is the model with its textures:

Annotation 2022-07-12 002139

So far the methods I’ve tried for exporting are: Packing resources in blender and then exporting FBX as copy with the box button active for the textures and the smoothing set to faces. And it looked all white with no textures and it actually made new materials in UE4 so I’m not sure what I did wrong, then I read online while searching for a solution and I found and addon for blender called Better FBX exporter, so I tried with that and it didn’t work either, it did show more colors but nothing else.

Here is a picture of how it looks in UE4:

Annotation 2022-07-12 002735

I have no idea on how to look for a solution to this, if someone could please suggest something I’d be really happy, thanks!

Also should I be starting to UE4 or should I just jump in with UE5?

you can’t get the materials to come over
blender and unreal use different nodes for mats
they don’t interchange
when you import an fbx into unreal
only the diffuse texture plugged into base color comes into unreal
all other texture maps have to be dropped into unreal by hand and then linked up in unreal to the material.
bump, metallic, normal, ao all have to be connected in unreal material editor, so don’t bother spending a lot of time on mats in blender, just make all the image textures you need, the materials have to be built again from scratch in unreal.
If you use substance painter there is a bridge plugin, but there is no blender to unreal material conversion.

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thank you very much! I guess I had to learn the hard way… back from scratch!