From Blender: Bake sound to F-CURVE to UE4 Audio Visualization Alternative!

Realizing that exporting the animation from the Bake FCurve sound function from Blender essentially allowing the values created from the animation that was extracted from the sound file and using it in UE4 has some extra steps involved but does just what I and perhaps others need, Im going to need some help in breaking up the FBX import to just the raw FCurve animation data, if anyone cares to assist, otherwise I will eventually figure it out, just may take awhile…stay tuned!!

Fighting with same issues getting f-curve converted to keyframes for export to ue4. Can bake f-curves for curves baked to mesh deforms through animation tab but cannot bake f-curve for animated bone rotations. Trying to sort that out them may able to get the ani to ue4. thnks

Any news or ideas regarding to this topic?