From an OnComponentHit node referencing the root capsule, Should I have some Z velocity?

I’m using a third person character from the third person character blueprint tutorial, I have an OnComponentHit node that I’m using from my root capsule. I printed out its velocity when I get a hit. Only I seem to only get 0 velocity in the Z during hits unless they are “landing”. So when I run the character into a wall and jump up and down, I see no change in my Z velocity even though I’m jumping.

I’m trying to do a “wall run” mechanic and not having a Z velocity is a bit strange don’t you think? this is with 4.1.0

Should the actor have a Z velocity? I’ve checked both the character movement velocity and the player pawn velocity and both are zeroed out unless landing.

You can use the bool in the character c++ class “ISFALLING” to check with as an option.

Velocity.Z is zeroed during ground movement intentionally. This is mostly because stepping up and down stairs would have a terrible effect otherwise. Stepping up greatly affects your position within a small amount of time, so the Z Velocity would be quite high and could launch you into the sky, not ideal!

If you really need the true velocity based on the change in position over that last update, you can use “GetPhysicsLinearVelocity” on the CapsuleComponent (both in code and in Blueprints).