From an animator's point of view

I have some questions and suggestions about animation. In my opinion, animator, comaptybility with Maya is a great idea. Animation in a dedicated program is much easier. Only a few problems remain to be solved. Below are my suggestions and questions.

The face rig in Maya is brilliant. We already know that it can be easily - via FBX - imported into unreal. Can you please develop Live Link Face so that it works with Maya as well. And a small thing, the rig controllers are built based on mesh. For several reasons it would be better if they were spline.
Hair and clothes. Can they be imported into Maya. I understand that we cannot import hair based on groom system from Unreal. But you can import mesh based hair from lower LOD levels. Animating characters with hair gives a fuller picture of the final expression.
Are you planning a dedicated rig in Maya. If yes then we are waiting:). If not then maybe you will post a preset for HumanIK. My advice for animators. AdvencedSkeleton has features to build production rig based on ready skeleton. I think in the next edition there will be a preset for MH. Here is a tutorial for those interested

Link between Maya and Unreal. Such a system is a dream. In the link below the idea. This is a Chinese product, poor support, but the idea is great. Maybe you will buy this solution. From my perspective it is a perfect link. Maya animation, Unreal space building and rendering.

Speed. The scene in Maya with the MH character opens very slowly. I donโ€™t know what this is related to. I think itโ€™s related to building the rig? It seems that with several characters in the scene, opening the file would be very time consuming. Possibly itโ€™s the poor performance of my system. Itโ€™s more of a question of what it looks like on others.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your work. Amazing product.

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