From Advertising to games

Hello guys

I’am a 3d artist , i come from post production industry . i would love to create asset for games and share it with you guys . I already know how to create high quality assets for movies advertising ect … but i lack a lot of games development workflow and pipeline , and i’am still learning unreal engine .
If you can just tell me what topic should i learn before i upload anything or any asset , it would be very helpful for me . " just tell the name for exp , normal maps … ect " i will search it by myself

I dont know the exact differences between the movie production and game development, but you will have to learn how to create a low poly mesh + lightmaps + collisions + all the needed textures (normal map, diffuse map, ao map, specular map, gloss map,… → not all of the are needed). :slight_smile:

Then you will also have to rigg and animate your skeletal meshes + you probably also have to add morph targets and a ik rigg (all depends on your game)

lightmaps: (just when you use static lightning)

Thanks a lot for your reply .
I think i will be far from rigg and animate stuff for know . i’m just looking for assets creation and environment creation .

Thanks for the collision and the lightmaps links , i learned thing from them :wink: . From what i founded , there is some stuff i have to learn :
Sure unreal engine + assets workflow , material instances , mesh lod optimization , texture optimization , uv techniques for light-maps ect , modular workflow " in games in general " . hope this can help someone else who com from other production industry .