From 2D To 3D

Hey, I’m new to these forums and I’ve made the move recently from working with 2d games / creating 2d games to the amazing world of 3D :slight_smile:
I am currently learning how to use these new softwares which are available to me and while I do that, I’m going to attempt to convert some of the works I have made before using Adobe Flash into 3D with Maya / 3DS Max.

(I’m a newbie in any kind of designing, bare that in mind)

Also, if you could, I’d like to know which software you guys use and why (3DS, Maya, Blender, etc.)

I use 3ds max commonly. because I started learning 3d with 3ds studio, it gave me solid understanding of modelling and unwrapping. Sometimes I use Zbrush for part of my models, I would say, that when you start learning Zbrush after some polygonal software such as Maya or Max, then you feel like you shifting from Windows to Linux, but when you get used to Zbrush, you will be amazed by its results. In my Opinion 3ds max plus Zbrush would be good friends for you.

I use blender, because it’s for free and you can do nearly as much as in 3ds max, maya, C4D,…

I personally only use Maya, given my years of experience with it, and the rack of custom scripts and tools I’ve built over the years all being Maya specific. I personally believe Maya has the best user-experience for modelling workflow, with gestures and shortcuts making the modelling experience that much more fluid than anything I’ve seen in Max or XSI. But again, that could just be because I’ve used it for such a long time that things come as second nature. The only downside to Maya is its price. As just a modelling suite, its pretty expensive. But then I’m using Maya for much much more than just modelling, so the cost is justified.

My advice, get a trial version of all the all the big 3D DCC applications and see what feels best in your hands.

I use Maya as well, and for you coming from 2D i think Maya is best because its built specially for movies and cinematic which is closer to the way 2D works.

Oh I see, thanks. Autodesk offers a free 3 year license to students and that’s what I’m currently using so I’ll try out both of them and then choose one, though my overall goal is to make models to use with UE4 just so I can mess around while I learn this and that.