Friday the 13th Crash,

[FileF:\Perforce2\SummerCamp\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Windows/WindowsAsync|O.h] [Line: 153]
FWindowsReadRequest GetOverlappedResult failed code = 1e3!

That is the report I get every time I crash and apparently no one has gotten that problem cause i haven’t seen it anywhere on the internet

The game is fine for like a few hours/minutes then it just freezes then crashes.

First of all this raport this to Friday the 13th commity sites as here oyu can find support only for UE4 and we don’t know if this is caused by developer modifying the engine (in fact i can’t find FWindowsReadRequest in UE4 source code, even in UWP version, i can’t even find mentioned code file, so it looks like something added by developer), 2nd if this happens only to you it can’t really be considered a bug, because bug is something reoccur in all copies (or else there rare incompatibility with your hardware). So i will move this quastion to “Everything Else”, but don’t exect much help here, contact devlopers of the game

But by looking at it, mention code is most likely Windows System Error code 0x1e3 or 483. But that error code is not documented, all i find is it means destability of system. Considering it mentiones reading it might be something with your harddrive or access to file. Try reinstalling the game and scan your hard drive for broken sectors, this also can be memory issue.

**idk know the problom