Fresh created Top Down with C++ Movement broken

I am using UE 4.12.5 with Visual Studio 2015 without update 3.

When I create a Top Down project with C++ and I hit play before changing anything, the character don’t follow the mouse when the left click is held down (The character juste move when you actively click, not when you held the button down).

I down see this problem when I create a regular Top Down project without C++.

Is there an easy fix to this problem (like adding some C++) ?

Hey -

Can you provide any additional information about the behavior you’re seeing? I tried creating a code based Top Down project and was able to click/hold the left mouse button to control the default character. This was in the binary version of 4.12.5 from the Launcher. Are you using the binary version or a source built engine for the project? Additionally, the mouse stops receiving input when the its over one of the border walls or pillars in the level which is expected behavior

I make sure there is nothing in the way, even farter than where I click/hold (no wall or pillar).

I am using the binary version of 4.12.5 from the Launcher.

The project is created with the C++ template.

I am using Visual Studio 2015 without update (Because the updates are not compatible with the engine version 4.10)

Is there a line of code that i can insert to force the right behavior ?