Frequent recompiles when launching to iOS

I use Xcode to debug iOS code. I use the UE4 editor to cook the content and install it via launching. The trouble is, if I compile via one, the other thinks it needs to recompile. Henceforth, if I update a blueprint and then want to debug via Xcode, I have to recompile about 480 files twice, and Mac game compiles are not nearly as fast as PC so this is quite burdensome.

I’ve tried creating a custom launch profile to just deploy the content so I can always just run from Xcode, but I can’t seem to get the magic settings – instead of deploying the content piecemeal, it seems to create one big IPA and uploads it, and then that gets stomped by Xcode when it uploads its own IPA.

Any tips on how I can either avoid the recompiles or get the custom launch profile right?

Turns out I had my Xcode scheme was set to DebugGame where the launcher was set to Debug. Once these matched, Xcode and the editor stopped fighting.

… still would be nice to cook the content without worrying about compiling, though, since even just running the build tools takes a significantly long time on Mac.