Frequent crashing on re-align photos

Hey guys,

I imported around 1300 photos of an interior (180 m²) and the first alignment step went well. Around 1250 photos got aligned properly, however the rest of the pictures is needed as well. They were assigned to multiple components. So I put some control points (started with arond 60) in them and tried aligning again.

Now the trouble starts. I’m not able to get another alignment process done because it crashes every time with an unhandled exception. So far I tried the following:

  • deleted temporary files
  • deleted all components except for the big one
  • reduced amount of control points to around 30
  • increased CP weight to 100

but no success. Already submitted some crash reports.

Is there anything else I should try?

Thanks in advance


I tried a minimal realignment of only one corner of the room with three control points. Everything went well this time, however it still takes a lot of time (around 2 hours). I thought RC is intelligent enough to keep the already aligned photos together, with the exception of the ones with control points. Am I missing a setting? I kept everything on default settings.

Hi Eric,

you’re not alone!

This might be related to your problem:

I didn’t want to file a bug report because I wasn’t cvertain that it’s a real but and not just my image set.

But since you have very similar observations, I agree that it looks like a bug.

Hello guys,

would it be possible to share with us one dataset (with project file and project folder) with placed control points where this error occurs so that we can test it? Thank you.