Frequent Crashes

This behaviour occurs in any project or even newly created projects. Just one thing I would like to tell is, I added a landscape which had thousands of foilage, (link: [Login • Instagram]) As u can see in this link. When I deleted the project It was having approx 8,255 files. That was my last activity in unreal engine. From that time I’m not able to use unreal engine.

The editor will be freezed, and a bug submition form would be opened. When you open the editor after the crash, the view port works pretty well, But once you click(Right) on content browser the editor hangs. Or just after few moments (Automatically) it gets crashed with in few seconds.

I checked the log file CrashContext.xml, This thread is getting crashed.

ntdll 0x000000006eb70000 + 9be44 KERNELBASE 0x000000006c7f0000 + 226ee UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 56ea9d UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x000000001eb10000 + 143d92 VCRUNTIME140 0x0000000058090000 + e360 ntdll 0x000000006eb70000 + a111f ntdll 0x000000006eb70000 + 4b474 ntdll 0x000000006eb70000 + 4b1c5 KERNELBASE 0x000000006c7f0000 + 23e49 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 56e9e6 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 571dc8 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 2fe53d UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 2897b5 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 28baf0 UE4Editor-D3D11RHI 0x00000000da280000 + 4027e UE4Editor-D3D11RHI 0x00000000da280000 + 4f7ef UE4Editor-RHI 0x0000000035950000 + 5088e UE4Editor 0x00000000af740000 + 16e16 UE4Editor 0x00000000af740000 + 19682 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + a87d8 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + a8aa3 UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x000000001eb10000 + 8f892 UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x000000001eb10000 + 953d4 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 59025b UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000f0d30000 + 587c30 KERNEL32 0x000000006cbf0000 + 16fd4 ntdll 0x000000006eb70000 + 4cec1

RenderThread 1

Any help would be great, As I’m stuck on this since few weeks now.

Please help to solve this issue, My major development work is stopped due to this problem.