Frequent crashes/hangs importing wav files

My team has been having considerable difficulty importing audio for the past several months.

If we try to import more than a couple wav files at a time, the editor frequently hangs and stops responding. Other times, it crashes altogether.

This is happening on 3 of our computers in 3 different locations (different networks).

We suspect it might have something to do with our source control (dreamhost using tortoise), but it only seems to be a problem with audio.

We’re losing a lot of time because of this. I submitted the crash I just got now.

i have the same problem, when import mesh or video…

Hey guys,

Would you mind taking a look at our How to Report a Bug forum sticky post to get an idea of the information we will request when submitting a bug report.

I am going to need some reproducible steps and some more information in order to enter an accurate report for this issue. Information like the length, format, and type of audio files you are importing will all help add to the robustness of the report.

If you have other questions or concerns please let me know.


Sorry, my team was just getting these hangs/crashes so frequently and under different circumstances that I just assumed it was a widespread issue.

I spent some time digging in to it some more. I was getting hangs in a variety of different conditions. Basically, here’s what I would do:

  1. Grab 5+ wav files
  2. Drag them in to a file of your choice (doesn’t seem to matter where).
  3. After dropping them in, you’ll hang after a few seconds.

All this said, I did disable my source control and was no longer to reproduce the issue. So, I’m not certain if it’s only OUR particular source control (dreamhost/tortoise), but again, I can’t reproduce when I disconnect source control in the editor. It is worth noting that we get the same issue across my team in different locations, with different internet setups and hardware configurations.

I meant drop the files into a folder of your choice.

I don’t usually use the import button. I usually drop the files directly into the folders I want. I don’t usually select individual files as I often have multiple files to import at once and it would take too much time.

I understand that my setup is unique and you can’t repro it.

For now, I’ll just continue to disconnect myself from source control.


Hey Obiwankabg,

So if you can only reproduce this issue on your end with your source control, I would definitely disable this when importing your sound waves, and then re-enable it when they are added to your project. Submit the files to your source control and hopefully you get no issues.

Unfortunately, I cannot test this issue on my end as we are using a different type of source control. I am glad you were able to determine the reason for the issue, and let me know if my suggested workaround is helpful.

As a note, I am a bit confused from step two where you mention dragging the WAV files into ‘a file of your choice.’ Have you attempting using the import button on the content browser and selecting individual files?

Thank you,