Frequency Spectrum analysis of a Source Bus coming from an RTMP stream


I’m currently using the VlCMedia plugin to fetch an rtmp stream and play the streamed audio in my level.

It is working fine, but I would like to perform frequency spectrum analysis on this audio

  • I created a Media Sound Component linked to the Media Player fetching the RTMP stream and inserted in the level
  • I created a Source Bus
  • I rooted the audio from the Media Sound Component to the Source Bus
  • I Inserted the Source Bus in the scene
  • The sound is played just fine
    The problem is in my level blueprint, I got a reference to tje Source Bus and plugged it to the Calculate Frequency Spectrum Node like shown in the image

As you can see no spectrum is being calculated and I don’t understand why

Here is the configuration of the Media Sound Component:

Do you have any idead of why the spectrum analysis is not working ?

Thanks a lot