French Language doesn't work in Epic Launcher

Greetings Epic Staff. I just noticed something in the Epic Launcher in the globe icon: clicking on it changes the Epic Launcher language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and French. All the languages work and when changing to them but only French doesn’t work. I hope you update that and make it work. Thanks !

Hey Plastica, can you send us a screenshot? French is not a supported language right now, so we’re a bit confused that it’s showing up at all.

Yes , of course.

English :


Korean :


Japanese :


Chinese :


All work and chnage to their respective languages, except

French :



Thanks for letting us know and taking the screenshots. Our Launcher team is looking into the issue further and we will post back here with updates.

Okay, so what’s happening is the Launcher see’s the default language on your PC and gives it to you as the option under the language settings. But since French isn’t’ supported yet, so it defaults to English.

We have put a bug report in for this issue and you may see if fixed in a future Launcher update.



Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s true, i need french language too, we are 2021 and the unreal engine not fix for this language !