Freezing in UE5 win11

Hi, I am getting freezing in UE5 with my system
I tried the Meerkat sample and it freezes in the same spots.
At the end, it’s out of sync and it stops at certain parts.

3090, 5900X, 64GB ddr4 3200mhz, 4TB ssd nvme, win 11 updated
Latest studio drivers 512.59
fully optimized system for latency issues (eg power settings, ect.)

I also tried a 3080-ti just to test, same issues.

Additionally I see “confetti” render issue with pixilation and weird blur around objects like fur in motion.

What is going on? How can I fix it?

Hi @notedmusician,
I have below spec Windows 10, 16GB memory, Gtx1050 2GB, SSD 256GB and in the distribution 5.0.1 BINARY from Epic Launcher, right click “MeerkatDemo.uproject” and launches and runs. In EA was never able to run this demo to the end without problems I got with stalling etc

Runs at 10FPS to 40FPS due to Lumen and low-performance graphics card