Freezeing when importing basic tutorial meshes.

Hi there all. Student game designer here.

So Ive had UE 4.9 for 5 mins and already ran into a problem. After finally installing, I was eager to get my own meshes in to my brand new engine. I followed a tutorial and when importing UE froze and I had to close via task manger. I figured It may have had something to do with my own models so, i tried importing the meshes from this tutorial 1.2 - Importing Meshes | Unreal Engine Documentation and the same thing happened again. Its stuck a 60% and been that way for a good 10 mins now. Is there anyone who could help with this? I am a complete newbie but i did follow the tutorial to the letter…


Make sure that you disable “import materials + textures” in your import settings. :slight_smile:

First off thanks or the reply. But I dont get to see the import settings dialog box. The tutorial mentions its meant to pop up after sellecting the files for importing. As soon as i click open, the import progress bar freezes and crashes UE4. I dont see the option to disable the “import materials + textures”.

sorry for my late reply, found out i developed RSI and decided to keep off the PC for a while. Much better now though:)