Freeze/Lock Camera for Still Images

Note, this question is NOT about locking a camera to a target.

Sometimes I have chosen a favorite camera composition in a level, and I want to make this particular shot extra nice so I can use it for screenshots. However, I just can’t get the camera to stay steady.

Whenever I come back to the scene to make a revision, by the time I’m ready to take a “highres screenshot” the camera has accidentally been nudged and now it’s difficult to compare the 2 revisions.

I can right click on a camera and choose freeze transformation, but shockingly enough that only freezes location not rotation, so my camera will still be nudged rotation-wise.

Bookmarks does not seem to work with cameras, and I can’t use bookmarks instead of cameras because bookmarks doesn’t store FOV settings.


Hi, I would like to bump this as this is still a major problem when creating still images which need to be locked to a set position.


I’d like to know this as well

add me in too

I’ve just found it ! Once you have placed your camera, right-click on it => Transform and check “lock actor movement”. It won’t move or rotate anymore :wink:


Its still possible to rotate in this mode which is what OP said as well.

Me as well, seems like an oversight.

Easiest method would be to create separate cinematic cameras and place them through out the level!

thanks ,it works

I create a single keyframe for the Transform of the Camera. That way if you accidently move the camera, it will pop back when you scrub the timeline.

Hello, it would be great if UE5 had a lock icon for the translation and rotation as there already is one for the scale.

The lock simply keeps the scale ratio the same. It doesn’t lock the values.

Just checking if there is a way. I can’t find an acceptable solution.

In “outliner” right click on the camera and in “transform” there is “lock actor movement”


Lovely! Thanks!