Freeze/Crash on compile renamed valuable

compile renaming boolean valuable freeze and crash UE4

valuable used like 20 times in script

additional info in crash report with compile renamed valuable remark

Hi CriErr,

We are going to need some additional info.

  • Since you are getting a crash, we need a copy of your crash Callstack, Log, and Dmp files.

Instructions on how to find this info:

  • Also, could you post some screenshots of your setup and reproduction steps as exact as possible?

Crash happens if i try to compile name changes to variable or try to make a array

crash happens on laptop and pc, here a laptop files from


link text

Did you tried rebuild?

what is rebuild?

When the crash happens, does a Crash Reporter window pop up? If so, make sure to submit that crash report and copy the Callstack. Then post it here.

Also, could you post your dxdiag from both the PC and Laptop?

  • Windows: Go to the Start menu and type ‘dxdiag’ into the search bar. Open that file and then click ‘Save All Information’. Post that text file here.

On current version of project and UE4.7.5 everything work fine, i cant recreate this issue on my laptop, bup pc still use old version of project and UE 4.7.4

Yes, crash happens and crash reporter pop up, i submitted callstack. Here is a txt file with report, zip archive with files from


which was created after i reported a crash and contain

also a dxdiag

[link text][2]

[link text][3]

[link text][4]

Hi CriErr,

I’m glad this is now working in 4.7.5. I believe the crash was related to a blueprint issue that popped up in 4.7.4. The latest hotfix was specifically released to patch it. If you see the same bug pop up again, post back here to let us know.