Freeze Controls for a period

I’m trying to make a racing game and I am trying to make the vehicles not move until the countdown is over. How would I do that using blueprints?

  1. Set Game Paused true when the game begins.
  2. Make sure the UI blueprint (Widget) is not affected by pause, that is, it is tickable when paused.
  3. Use a timer in the Event tick of the UI and set up a counter (Add delta time every frame until it reaches 5 seconds)
  4. Set Game Paused false.

That is’t working Ill post a pic of what Im trying to do

Hopefully this helps

Im trying to have them both happen at the same time

Did you mark the game class and your widgets to set tickable when paused ?

Lol, I feel so stupid asking but how do I do that?

  1. In the event begin play, drag the node and type “Set Tickable when paused”, you will find it.
  2. For the widget do the same, make sure the timing policy is set to Real time.

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