Freeze certain bones in animation

I have an animation with a character running while holding a rifle, but the hands move way too much and it looks weird in first person. Here’s a small video example:

[video]Animation Issue - YouTube

Is there a way to move only the bottom part of the body? (the legs)

Yes, there is, but I’m not sure it would look good. Anyways, what you need is an animation that contains that frozen pose you want the upper body to have. In the anim graph of your animation blueprint, right before your Final Pose output (or some other place, don’t know your setup) you insert a Layered Blend Per Bone node. The whole setup takes a long time to describe, but this video series shows how you’d do it, especially video 20:

It shows how you can achieve to have different animations on upper and lower body of the character. If your upper body animation is one where the character does not actually move, you’d have it the way you wanted.

Thanks! I will give it a try

Seems pretty good but I am trying to do it without a montage. Almost got it!

video is private :frowning:

Yeah, I guess that can happen in a span of 5 years. Nothing lasts forever…