Freeze an actor in the viewport


Is there any way to freeze an actor in the viewport - just like in 3ds max, where you can freeze an object.


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please be more specific, what you means with freeze? if you are trying to make an actor “float” in ar just disable gravity and be sure that you disable “simulate physics” and when you play the actor will be floating in the air, like froze there.

Hi ,
By freezing an actor I mean, for that actor to not be able to be selected in the level blueprint.
If you have experience with 3ds max, you can relate with what it is I am looking for.

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Late answer:

to make unselectable, hide the actor in the editor and let it visible in game. It’s still editable trough the World Outliner though.

to freeze transform so you can’t move it by mistake, right-click the Actor, then Transform, then check Lock Actor Movement.

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I know that since 4.10 they have added lock actor movement, but I can still rotate the object which is undesirable. There is no option to lock the actor’s rotation.

Also the hiding of the asset is not helpful, since I need to see where it is placed and orient or place other assets around it.

The similar feature to “Freeze” in Max has not yet been integrated in UE4. There are only workarounds. Turning on Wireframe Mode can help for a more precise selection.

If it is still relevant for somone, you could probably find the solution here

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