Freelance opportunity for Unreal Engine Artists

Hey guys.
I´m representing a Brazilian production studio called THE FORCEand we are looking for artists to produce visuals for a LIVE from a Brazilian DJ, scheduled for October 15th.
We’re going to build a virtual studio on a huge venue, mix it with a light and laser installation and use both outputs to create a wider experience. It’s a cross-reality live performance.
This LIVE is expected to have 100 million views, so it’s a lot of people to be impacted by a message.
It’s a freelance job opportunity.
If you are interested let us know so we can discuss further more details about this project.


Hey horsebuddc,
I’m in São Paulo and involved with VP. Send me a PM friend.
Take Care

Hi! i´m interested.Here´s my portfolio and linkedin!

My personal email is [EMAIL=“”]

Have a nice day!

Hi I was wondering if my team could be of assistance:

my email is: