Freelance developer need to help bring maps to life

Hi, we are looking design agency looking for a developer to come and take our first Unreal maps of a retail environment and help us add interactivity. (

Not rocket science stuff, everything from opening doors to helping us make a virtual coffee as well as package the whole thing up for delivery to a client for an event.

We are looking for 3 x days on Tuesday 3rd. We are in London SE1.

This is a growing area for us so we are wanting someone that can help us grow in the future with repeat bookings and expertise.

If you’re interested then please. (No character work on this one though.)

I’d be happy to help, though I’m not sure if you’re looking for someone to be there physically in London or if you’re wanting to play football with the project file. I’m in the US. I assume you don’t have sound files to go along with these animations?

You can email me at