Freelance 3D Animator @ Brooklyn NY Art Studio

**Leo Villareal Studio is a fine art studio specializing the creation of highly-refined LED and video artwork. We are looking for a freelance 3D animator who can, ideally, step into any phase of a visualization project and efficiently execute good-looking work. We produce visualizations for proposals and in-process LED-based artworks and installations on scales both architectural and domestic scales. **

The freelancer will work on-site in Brooklyn, NY with a booking of at least a few weeks, possibly extending to months.


Solid work experience or demonstrable proficiency in architectural visualization, using: [ol]
[li][LIST=1][/li][li]**Unreal Engine 4: ** [LIST=1][/li][li]Level layout and construction[/li][li]PBR shading and texturing[/li][li]Realistic lighting[/li][li]Camera composition and animation[/li][li]Movie sequence export[/li][li]Facility with basic Blueprint visual scripting[/li][li]Familiarity with room-scale VR (Vive)[/li][/ol]
[li]Softimage, 3DS Max, Maya, Houdini, or Modo, for: [ol][/li][li]Asset creation and preparation: [LIST=1][/li][li]Hard-surface environmental polygon mesh modeling[/li][li]Some procedural and/or parametric design and modeling[/li][li]Texturing, UV-mapping and editing[/li][/ol]
[li]General 3D: [ol][/li][li]Layout[/li][li]Scene Assembly[/li][li]Lighting[/li][li]Animation[/li][li]Rendering[/li][/ol]
[li]Photoshop or equivalent, for: [ol][/li][li]Image editing & retouching[/li][li]Basic texture creation and editing[/li][/ol]
[li]After Effects or equivalent, for: [ol][/li][li]**Basic compositing **[/li][li]Basic video editing[/li][/ol]
[li]Good design sensibility, reflected in examples of past work, with specific description of contributions.[/li][li]Proven ability to work independently and as a collaborative team member: [ol][/li][li]Accurately follows specific direction[/li][li]Is creatively and intellectually engaged[/li][li]Shows initiative and imagination[/li][li]Solves problems[/li][li]**Asks questions **[/li][/ol]

Highly Desirable but not required: [ol]
[li]Photography and/or cinematography skills and experience[/li][li]Texture generation or painting experience (for example, using Substance Designer)[/li][li]Experience with Redshift GPU rendering[/li][li]Experience with accurate visualization of artificial lighting[/li][li]Experience with LED lighting technology[/li][li]Fine arts or installation/performing arts production/design/fabrication experience[/li][li]Scripting or Coding skills[/li][li]**Touchdesigner or Processing experience **[/li][/ol]

Application Instructions:

Please send us your resume and examples of past work with specific description of contributions. Email applications to: