Hello everyone
I was wondering if anyone knows any trick to get a package a project for freebsd ?

Yes, though not officially. I’ve been working on a FreeBSD port for a while and it runs the tech demo’s and the editor correctly.
If you know how to build UE4 from source, I can (privately) send you the link to my github fork.Privately because right now it’s not official and I’m rebasing the commits on a daily basis, meaning its difficult for people to keep up to date unless they know git well.

Thanks for replying real_malavon, please send me the link. I’m good with git, kinda excited here :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the link
Thanks again,

No luck, 404 page cannot be found , guys I really need help with this, I’m working on a great project and I need freebsd support anyone ?

@NullTechs, if you’re still interested, it looks like @real_malavon’s private FreeBSD repo (private repo, you need to join the Epic organization on GitHub if you get a 404 to see something, same procedure as for getting access to the official UE4 repo) is still actively maintained and being discussed on the FreeBSD forum. Instructions how to build from source is provided. UE 4.25.3 is available for FreeBSD. Just give it a try, you might like it!

Kudos to Malavon for this great work! I wish Epic would merge these changes into the official repo, and/or support Malavon’s efforts.