[Freebie] Birds and Water Audio

Our sound man hopped on the bike yesterday when it stopped raining for a few hours and took a few samples for our game. We have enough, but it is usually good fun to do it, because there is an excuse to go to the woods and it is only a 15min ride. So we are drowning in bird and forest recordings :slight_smile:
We are lucky to have some forest here and a valley. There are some spots that are far enough away from the roads and the valley does the rest, because all remaining car sounds etc fly over it. There is the occasional plane or the jogger (you can hear the footsteps on the Tascam), but that’s okay. Plane is usually like 2mins before its noise is gone and you can go on. Nordic walking sticks are the enemy though. You can hear them on the Tascam from everywhere because their touchdown sound has frequencies that are not present in the woods normally (the ‘clicking’) and the nordic walkers usually storm through the woods like they want to go to war in their tight pink pants.

We use equipement that keeps us mobile and fits in a backpack:

  • Tascam Audio recorder
  • Bose noise cancelling headphones
  • a tripod
  • a cut out sponge

We forgot to order the wind protection with the Tascam back in the days and the sponge does the trick perfectly :slight_smile:
The noise cancelling headphones are important because with bird chirping and other continuous ambient audio you otherwise could not distinguish between recorded and real birds because both sound very similar in a good recording.

Here is a 4.10.4 project file for download that has yesterdays final recordings in it.


soundcloud link